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Mar 22, 2008
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i know this is highly variable but could some list programs that would generally take avg med students as categorical residents? i.e. how competitive is a place like Mt. Sinai vs Lenox Hill vs Yale etc etc

I'm trying to get a list of ranges of programs in terms of competitiveness...does anyone have such a breakdown? perhaps by boards range?

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Apr 9, 2000
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Residency programs do not post the average board scores of their residents in any organized formal fashion (unlike medical schools), so there is no way to judge your competitiveness by that factor unless programs specifically say, "our average successful applicant has a Step 1 score in excess of 230, do you are not likely to be competitive if your score is less".

If you are truly average, mid-range board scores, good letters, little to no research, etc. you will likely match at most programs with the exception of the top tier (unless there is something spectacular in your application or you have some good connections).

IMHO, I think this question is unanswerable but you can do a search for lists of program and figure out what the top tier is and work from there.


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Oct 29, 2004
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Not only are there in excess of 230 programs in the US (not including military programs), but there is a huge variability in both the quality and competitiveness of programs. An average applicant (i.e. 215 board scores, 0-1 honors, good letters but not great), will have no problem gaining a spot at either a university or high quality community program. Anyone above this will have no problem getting interviews and can afford to be selective where they not only apply but also interview. A sub-par applicant (<200, no honors) should have no problem with gaining enough interviews as long as they apply broadly and aren't too picky as far as geography or type of program. IMG's tend to have a tougher time and must focus more energy on gaining interviews, but still should be able to match at a program somewhere. Surgery is probably tougher to get into than average, but isn't terribly tough and anyone who wants a spot should be able to gain entrance somewhere.
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