Psy D personal statement and mentioning prof I'm interested in

May 20, 2009
Hi, I just have a few questions abt a Psy D personal statement...I know for Ph D programs you need to make sure the prof is taking new students which is not really the case for Psy D programs...So, would mentioning the prof I'm interested in working with help my statement (for a Psy D program) or not? Also, would it be bad if I mentioned I'm interested in more than one prof??

Thanks :D


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Aug 14, 2008
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Hi. To answer your questions: no and no.

Because Psyd programs usually do not follow a strict mentor model it isn't essential that you mention precisely the prof or research area you want. However, most Psyd programs will appreciate if you mention your areas of clinical or research interest and perhaps mention a prof (or two) that you'd be especially interested in working with. It will help the programs assess if you're a good fit for them. My only caution is that for Psyd programs you should not restrict yourself to just mentioning one prof or research area. And make sure you relate whatever research interests you have to clinical practice, since the Psyd is geared towards that.

Hope this is helpful.