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Jun 6, 2016
hi all, i'm hoping to get some advice re: LORs.

i know that the minimum number of LORs for programs is 3, though having 4 sounds quite common. i'll be applying to psych residency and was planning on having letters from 1) psych attending who i worked with on my 3rd yr rotation 2) my psych chair who offered to write me a letter 3) a chair in another dept that i worked with 4) an attending in another dept i did research with/worked with.

ideally, i wanted to have all 4 uploaded and sent by sept 15, but getting my psych attending (letter 1) to reply to my emails has been difficult. i haven't worked with my psych chair (letter 2) in a clinical context, but he seemed to be confident that he could write me a strong letter. i'm wondering if it'll be enough to get me interviews if i send it in with letters 3 and 4. and then maybe i can send the fourth letter which will be from psych and clinical sometime in late sept/oct? or would programs just not look at the 4th letter and not like the fact that my 1 psych letter was not clinical?