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May 17, 2010
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I've tried looking for info on the issue in older threads but haven't found anything matching.

I am anticipating 2 psychiatry letters. One will be clinically-focused from a psych sub-I.

Will it be detrimental if the other letter is from a medical ethics rotation, but is written by a psychiatrist who directs the clinical ethics service. I did not work with him in a clinical psychiatric capacity, but rather through graduate school seminars and meetings.

I am unsure if the increased "breadth of knowledge" or what have you will be seen as positive or if they are really looking for 2 "clinical" psych letters. For reference my other two letters are medicine and research.

Edit: I should add that my other option is a psych letter from a nice and personable attending who I worked with for 2 weeks during my core psych rotation. But this was more than a year ago at this point.