Doc Dogg

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Dec 3, 2007
South Australia
Psychology Student
Hi All, I'm currently doing a Graduate Diploma of Psychology at Adelaide Uni and I have to say that I'm at a bit of a loss as to why everyone thinks it is such a great uni...Prior to this I completed a business degree at UniSA (which many consider to be quite beneath Adelaide Uni) and I found the quality of teaching and resources available to me there a whole lot better than at Adelaide Uni.

It seems that every time I bring up a problem about the lack of resources or the small number of tutorial classes per semester with any of the staff I get the same old excuses "we don't have enough staff to run more than 1 tutorial a fortnight" or "The School of Psych can't afford to provide any more electronic resources"

Now surely this has to be just limited to the psych degrees because if all the degrees at the uni are under-funded I can't see how they maintain a good reputation...

The main things that are annoying me at the moment are:

The lecture slides for each class are put up about 1/2 hour before the lecture so I can't print them out at home before the lecture and end up having to pay for a print out at the uni PC labs.

I never know what I am required to read before each lecture because the required reading is usually given at the end of the lecture.

The required reading is usually only found in 3 copies of a book in the library, so all 100+ students need to share 3 books each week for each of the topics we are studying. My photocopying charges are about $20 per topic a week, which I can't really afford(thank god for credit cards).

I'm used to having a tutorial each week for each subject where we are given questions to complete before hand and get the answers in the tutorial...not so at adelaide uni, we are lucky to get a tutorial every 2 or 3 weeks and don't get any questions to work out before hand, we usually just go through what we need to do in the assignments that are set.

Our 2nd year and 3rd year research methods subjects are run at the same time, so we end up learning 3rd year multiple regression before 2nd year linear regression, 3rd year factor analysis and ANOVA before 2nd year correlation. When I brought this up the school gave their standard excuses and said they will look into fixing it next year...when I'm not there anymore.

There are a number of other things also but I think I've said enough. I just don't think I can put up with another 5 years of this sort of quality of teaching. It is a real disincentive to doing further study at Adelaide Uni. I just wonder if I transferred to another uni, if it will be better or just more of the same (or worse)...