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I'm an M1 with an interest in PM&R. Before going to medical school I worked as a personal trainer and earned a CSCS certificate from NSCA when i earned my BA in May 2006. I would like to keep my CSCS cert up to date to possibly train a couple of clients before I do clinicals. I need CEUs to keep my CSCS up to date but I am wondering if I am better off getting an ACSM cert now or another organization for a resume builder for PM&R? My CSCS expires in Jan 2008.

which Personal Training conferences attract the most PM&R doctors or sports med doctors? I plan on hitting some conferences in M2.

I known Personal training does not equal PM&R or Sports Med but I really enoyed the experience.



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I was also a certified personal trainer before I entered medical school as well. The CSCS certification is an excellent one. It is the certification that is preferred for Strength and Conditioning coaches at the collegiate and pro level. Getting ACSM certified would look great as well.

Many sports medicine physicians often earn the FACSM certification (Fellow of the American College of Sports Med) since the ACSM is the gold standard. The FACSM is earned through fellowship and years of practice with a certain proportion of patients falling into the sports-related injury.

Altogether, you will eventually be more involved with ACSM.
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I am just an undergrad senior who is very interested in PM&R. I am currently a personal trainer with an ACE certification and I would love to go into sports medicine. It is awsome that their are previous trainers/stregnth coaches out there now going into PM&R. I was and still am nervous that I am goinig into the wrong field if sports medicine/ human performance is what I am really interested in. How do you past trainers current PMR doctors or residents plan on using your personal training experience? Are their PMR doctors out there that are very involved in the training of athletes?
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