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Jan 21, 2009
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Sticky thread posted by community request.
Member @jblil, a member for over 5 years, has done an outstanding job of gathering data for for us regarding salary offers for us new grads, whether or not we negotiated salary and, if we did, whether or not it was successful. This type of information is hard to find and truly invaluable when seeking our first jobs--he has done us a huge service! After reading posts regarding starting pay on SDN and going over his results, not only did I speak up and negotiate salary but I promoted my skills and advocated for myself-and it worked!!! I was able to negotiate higher pay and better hours! I have copied and pasted a former post by jblil with the link to the survey. Thank you jblil!!

jblil: "In order to help DPT new-grads evaluate or negotiate job offers, I put together a very short salary survey (only 6 questions) at this URL:

If you are a recent grad, please take the survey. It's completely anonymous. Also tell your classmates about it and encourage them to take the survey. The more data we have, the more useful the results will be.

Results are posted here, and will be updated as more responses roll in:
Salary Survey (new grads)
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