1. B

    2023 Anesthesia Pain Management Salary

    Saw a similar thread on Reddit anesthesiology… let’s see how they stack up! Post your most recent earnings, type of practice, weeks vacation , etc.
  2. M

    Salary vs. Experience

    In my past life as a software engineer, salaries heavily depended on years of experience (yoe). For example, at my company I started at x, while my senior engineers with 10 yoe were making 2x. As far as I've seen in medicine, this isn't really the case. Sure, there may be correlations, such...
  3. F

    Primary Care: First job salary and compensation (survey?) - NY vs LA - 2023

    I am finishing FM residency this year and will be looking to start my first job as an independently practicing physician soon. I am looking to settle in the NYC. I understand NYC is an anomaly in regards to pay (and maybe almost everything else;)...but so is LA:cool:). In regards to physician...
  4. CatMomExtraordinaire

    SA ER Salaries

    As I'm finishing up my internship, looking at SA ER positions in my home state I'm struggling to find out the "going rate" for salaries. My internship is in the midwest, but looking at places on the west coast and I'm not really sure how to get an idea of salary ranges to know what is a...
  5. ThatPsyGuy

    Earning Potential For Assessment Focused Practitioners?

    Just curious about the earning potential for people focused on assessment. I talked to someone today who mentioned how the earning potential is high. I'm familiar with the Sweet survey and Neuropsych earning potentials, but I'm curious about personality, intellectual, ADHD, behavioral, etc...
  6. A

    HemOnc median RVU numbers?

    I am looking to join a hospital-based community HemOnc practice in the Midwest. The prospective employer is offering a guaranteed base for up to 5000 wRVUs and then $/wRVU system after 5000 wRVUs. I am not sure if 5000 RVUs annually is achievable. Anybody has an idea about the approximate median...
  7. Sapien3

    MGMA percentile payment ?

    Hi everyone I recently started talking to recruiters for job. When it comes to salary not many disclose. Some places say they use MGMA. This question is for those who are currently working.
  8. E

    IM / Hospitalist (after residency)

    I'm almost done my MS-3 and coming closer to making a decision on what I want to do. I've search extensively on my questions written below, but was either outdated or unsatisfied with the answers. Hoping for some clarification. In addition to the work, I value family time > travel > hobbies. I...
  9. H

    D4s and recent grads what compensation have you been offered right out of school?

    I have what I think is a good contract from a dentist in PNW metro area private practice for 650$ daily minimum or 30% collections whichever is higher. I don't have to pay lab fees, no PTO, CE is covered, will probably work five days a week most weeks, and a very fair non compete clause. Just...
  10. D

    Is being a dentist really that bad? This post makes it seem like being a dentist is horrible. The the points that scare me the most are the financials. Do you really only make $100,000? I don’t particularly plan to open a practice, and I will be going to a dental school that is...
  11. F

    National CRNA independence and disruption of the status quo

    I have read about this issue extensively on this board, but there is one aspect that remains unclear to me. Many posters say that once CRNAs are able to practice independently at the national level, anesthesiologist salaries will decrease significantly and *good* jobs will be near impossible to...
  12. Kri139

    Thoughts on following Hospitalist job offer

    Hi, Can you help to understand my first hospitalist job offer. Standard 7/7 mostly day but will have swing shift 1 week per quarter. Total 182 shift per year. No PTO. Day shift 1400/shift, swing 1550/shift. So base for 182 shift is approx. 255k. Standard medical insurance, 401 k match up to...
  13. D

    Earning money and live in USA

    Is it possible for a resident to earn 64,000$ annually and live only on wages or even save money?
  14. S

    Pharmacist salary after graduation?

    What is typically the average pharmacist salary start from out of school? We all will have some debt, so I am just planning out ahead of time. I heard some pharmacies rarely have raises and little benefits on the job. Also, is making six figures a reality or just an exaggeration?
  15. B

    Working for a Keplr Vision Practice

    I was just wanting to hear from some OD's who work/have worked at a practice associated with Keplr Vision. -What was your overall experience? -How is there salary/pay structure? -Did they change how you practiced? -Pros/cons?
  16. PreHippocrates

    Looking for what college mental health jobs are like

    Hey everyone, Please let me know if this is talked about elsewhere, but I couldn't find another thread. Background: I'm a PGY3 in the Northeast, and will be staring my 2-year CAP fellowship this summer. I'm interested in practicing in the Pacific NW after fellowship. I have a growing family...
  17. V

    Vascular surgery starting salary

    Starting to look for jobs after vascular integrated residency and considering moving home to PA. I know there are geographical considerations. I plan to work at a non academic center, but not a small one. It’s ok if they have surgery residents etc.. Does anyone know what someone new could pull...
  18. T

    Salary poll to help prospects and current pod students

    I have seen many threads about salary and the overall consensus is ask podiatrists near you or check MGMA. This forum has been great and has helped me in making my decision to pursue podiatry. However, given the pandemic, it will be difficult to 'ask a podiatrist near you' and so I figured a...
  19. CrossCassowary

    Pathologist salary

    How much do pathologists actually make without a PhD? I went into vet school wanting to be an anatomic pathologist, but now that it's time to apply, I'm having cold feet because I'm worried about finances. I have ~250k debt. I want to be able to pay back my student loans and start living life...
  20. Clippersfaneyecare

    Help! Starting to Reconsider Optometry...Dont know what to do

    Sup guys, so I have been accepted into SUNY Optometry Class of 2024 but have been reading about all the negatives about the optometry profession for months even though I like the profession but now am not completely sure if I should go through with it. I was pre-dental and actually turned down a...
  21. B

    What don't I know? IM physician, first job in a Skilled Nursing facility in Dallas area

    Hello folks, I'm hoping to get your perspective and feedback about working in a skilled nursing facility on 1099 basis. I'm new IM residency grad and this would be my first job post-residency. What's the salary range for this kind of job in Dallas (read Plano, North Dallas suburbs)? Does...
  22. O

    Fellowship Salary?

    How do you make it work? Many of the best fellowships pay below poverty line for anyone with a family. Does moonlighting even come close to making up for it? Are those fellowships just off the table for individuals with a family? It seems a little ridiculous to be paid like you’re working for...
  23. Doolitto

    Vet Tech or Veterinarian

    First I want to begin by saying I'm fully aware that this is a personal decision requiring hands on experience and shadowing to determine. I'm reaching out to the community for Your opinions on whether someone who has no interest in surgery should trouble themselves with the debt, time, and...
  24. Jas2188

    MGMA 2018

    Hi, Can some one that has access share MGMA 2018 data here. Also, I will be out of residency this June 2019 and will be negotiating my contract in the next few weeks. What percentage (25%, 50%, 75% or Mean) of MGMA reported salary for my specialty should I target during negotiations. Recruiters...
  25. S

    Medical degree plus MSW or better to get PHD/PsyD

    Hi, I have a medical degree ( DO) and having hard time getting into psychiatry ( super competitive) . But really only thing I really enjoyed in my current family medicine residency is counseling others. However the thought of the all the years I have to spend in Phd or the amount extra debt I...
  26. P

    Walgreens Pharmacist Salary

    I recently interviewed for walgreens and everything went well. However, I was shocked at how low the salary is compared to what I have been hearing. I am a recent grad and this will be my first job. The interviewer told me i would be getting $52 an hour. I did some research and the avg is $56...
  27. thejangler2013

    $$$...Help me, Rural ED Hourly Rate, what is appropriate? (ed boarded)

    Hello Everyone I am a 3rd EM resident in good standing who is applying to Rural Emergency Departments in the upper midwest. Time for a real job!. I am focusing on rural emergency departments on the lower side of volume range. Ex 9k-14k patients per year with mostly 12 and 24 hours shifts...
  28. beyoutiful_sunshine


    Hi, I'm considering possibly doing a neuro residency once I complete my DPT. This is just a thought for now, and I am still in the 2nd year of my program so I have more time to think about it, but I just wanted to hear from some people who have completed residencies or who have considered it...
  29. P

    PA student seeking advice

    Hi, everyone! First time posting here. I'm seeking advice on a big career switch I've recently been pondering (for the better part of most days, lately). I started PA school 3 months ago and am having some major doubts about the profession. Taking a step back, I'm 29 years old with an MPH...
  30. D

    Dermatology Job Market

    Is dermatology likely to be a field in which I can be successful over the next 35 years?
  31. S

    How to make $$$ in ObGyn with still a few hours to spare

    Is it possible to make a very nice salary and have a good schedule and time for vacation in ObGyn? ObGyn has a bad rep for lifestyle and isn’t regarded as a top earning speciality in the same way as Ophtho, Plastics, etc. Given it’s poor rep for lifestyle and just mediocre rep for payscale...
  32. P

    California pay rates

    Hi all, What is the current typical hourly compensation for board certified EM docs (with experience) in the Inland Empire area, and in the greater LA area? Which area is the highest paying in California? Also, any concerns with some of the big groups/CMGs like EMA, Vituity, VEP, etc? Any...
  33. M

    Needing advice!!!!

    Hi, I am beginning my MSW in the fall and having SERIOUS doubts. I have worked in the mental healthcare field for over four years- a good deal of that time in case management roles, and I am feeling beyond burnt out. Even feeling bitter and taken advantage of by clients using our services. I’m...
  34. LindaAccepted

    Medical Which One is Right for Me? PA vs. NP vs. Medical School

    Why do you want to become a Physician Assistant (PA)? Why not a nurse practitioner or physician? To help you answer this question in more depth, I’m providing a direct comparison of these three educational and professional options by focusing on three specific programs. Using information from...
  35. L

    Let's Talk Salaries

    Sorry if this is the wrong section to discuss this topic in- I didn't see anything else that seemed more 'off topic' than any other ones. I know, it's quite taboo to discuss salaries in the medical profession. I 100% agree that people going into the medical field should do it out of passion...
  36. O

    Rhinology first-year attending salary, NYC?

    Hi I know this is super specific, but does anyone have any benchmarks (or even a guess/estimate) for the first-year salary one could expect in NYC/Westchester coming out of a competitive rhinology fellowship? Just curious!
  37. M


    How common is it to get reimbursed per unit? Is this type of pay exclusive to home health?
  38. prehealthboi

    Experience post dental school?

    Hello, I am a prospective dental student and have been on the pre-med/pre-dental fence for a while now. I am going to start shadowing a general dentist next week but after doing some research on dentistry, I am starting to consider some other factors as in the demand and lifestyle of a general...
  39. NeedleDrivers

    Know Your Worth?

    hey guys, So one of the most stressful questions asked in job interviews is the 'expected pay' portion of the discussion. For me, its really difficult to evaluate my worth-so how do you evaluate and compare yourselves to the industry standard? I've discussed with recent graduates in my area...
  40. C

    VET school worth it ?

    I appreciate all the feedback and input, Thank you. My question has been answered.