PT School Application... Help!

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May 15, 2017
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Hey everyone.

I am currently getting ready to apply to PT schools this upcoming cycle and could use as much feedback as possible. *This post may be long, I apologize in advance*

- Cumulative = ~3.44 (I took two classes again during my four years, and my unofficial transcript doesn't include the worst grade or average).
- Pre-requisite = ~3.0
- Pre-requisite = ~3.4 (taking the highest grade of my retakes).

So just a little breakdown. I started college as a bio major hoping to do pre-dental, I did terrible my first 2 years and had about a 2.7 cum gpa. I did some soul searching and changed my major and track to physical therapy and ended up graduating with a cum gpa of 3.44. My final 3 semesters of undergrad I got on the Dean's List. I got a C- in A&P1, C+ in A&P2, B- in gen chem 1, and failed organic chemistry. I am re-taking A&P 1 and 2 this summer and gen chem 1 & 2 in the fall and spring to boost my pre-requisite GPA (received an A in A&P1 retaking it). I screwed up major in my first two years of college, but ended with an upwards trend.

- I am taking the GRE for the first time in July but have gotten around 150 on both verbal and math on my practice exams, with the works of increasing those scores.

Observation Hours:
- +150 hours of outpatient (2 different locations).
- ~50 hours of inpatient (1 location).

- Found/President of LiNK (liberty in north korea) for 2 years.
- Volunteered at a children developmental clinic for a semester.
- Resident Assistant for 2 years.
- TA for biology for 2 years.
- Volunteer at a retirement center.
- Teach guitar to children at my church.
- Executive board member of a professional fraternity.
- Executive board of habitat for humanity.

Schools That I am Interested in Applying To:
George Washington University, University of New England, University of Maryland Baltimore, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Boston University, MCPHS, New York University, Elon University, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Temple University, University of Pittsburgh, Marymount University, Shenandoah University, and University of Washington.

These are just some schools that I am interested in and will definitely change. But if you go to these schools, know anyone who got in, or are also applying to these programs do you guys have any suggestions to help out? Also, what other schools should I look at with in regards to my stats?

If you read this far, thank you so much. *Internet Hug*


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Sep 19, 2015
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First of all, I would say DO NOT GIVE UP.
It's definitely doable and you'll get into AT LEAST ONE school if you're persistent! My best advice to you would be to keep on taking the classes you're taking and email the schools you are going to apply to and ask questions and make them feel like that is the only school that you want to go to. Don't feel like you're bugging them, you should want them to know your name. If you're close by to any of the schools you want to apply to, set up a meeting and go in and talk to them face to face and then follow up MULTIPLE TIMES VIA EMAIL/PHONE, IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. your extracurriculars are definitely solid, if you stay patient and raise up your GPA I think you will be a shoe in!

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