1. J

    Classifying Observation Hours

    In PTCAS and to get admitted I understand we need a certain type of shadowing hours. I honestly feel so dumb even asking this but I am genuinely lost. Do the hours classify on a case by case basis? Or by a physical therapist’s office? If it is by a specific physical therapist office how would...
  2. J

    Application Mistake

    I’m embarassed and disappointed in myself for having a handful of typos in my application that I can no longer change because I didn’t notice them until after I submitted my application. Luckily my essay is good but my experiences and achievement section is where the misspelling lies. I fear the...
  3. L

    PTCAS Volunteer Experience Question

    I'm adding volunteer experience in PTCAS. One volunteer position I held was at my Church and I did it for around eight years (2012 - 2020). From what I've heard, schools like to see recent experience (like just the volunteer work done in undergrad). So I'm wondering if I should put all eight...
  4. T

    When should I create my profile for PTCAS?

    Good afternoon everyone, I am just about finished w/ my final two prereqs (Phys II/Chem II-yes I know I'm crazy I took them at the same time) I will plan on my observations next. My question is: when should I create my PTCAS profile? My finals are May 11. Thank you.
  5. P

    PTCAS References

    Hey guys! I was wondering if there is any way to store references somewhere before applying. I am planning on applying to the 2021-2022 application cycle and I know you're supposed to sent a request to your references to submit their letters through PTCAS, but I feel like June is a long time to...
  6. H

    Preparing for the worst. DPT 2021-2022

    Hello everyone, As of now I have been: Waitlisted to one program Waitlisted for interview at another and the rest I haven't heard back from So just in case I want to prepare for the next cycle. So please give me honest opinions on what I can do to improve my application. cGPA: 3.5 pGPA: 3.6...
  7. H

    UCSF/SFSU PERSONAL HISTORY STATEMENT: Academic Influence and Career Trajectory

    Hello all! I need some help with this supplemental question from UCSF. " UCSF/SFSU is committed to a diverse and inclusive graduate student population. Diversity refers to the variety of experiences and perspectives that arise from differences in race, culture, religion, mental or physical...
  8. P

    DPT Re-Applicant Questions

    So I am reapplying to programs since this cycle I unfortunately did not get an acceptance. I was wondering if anyone who has reapplied would tell me what all is saved on PTCAS? Am I going to have to resubmit all my transcripts, have my shadowing/observation hours re-verified, my GRE score...
  9. hermionegranger9

    DPT Shadowing Hours: Hours from High School? Hours from an MD?

    2 questions about Shadowing hours for DPT programs (FOR PTCAS) If you have shadowing hours from high school (senior year) 2015 from a PT, can you use this in PTCAS for an application for the 2018-2019 cycle? They are 20 hours of pediatrics shadowing hours at a cerebral palsy institute. Is it...
  10. hubbarjt

    Murphy Deming/Mary Baldwin Univ. - PTCAS 2018-2019 Cycle

    Has anyone received an interview with Murphy Deming/Mary Baldwin for the regular admission cycle?
  11. hubbarjt

    High Point University - PTCAS 2018-2019 Cycle

    Has anyone heard anything back after the interview at High Point University? I had my interview on September 10th, but I have yet to hear anything since and I'm starting to get worried.
  12. I

    PTCAS Essay - "Compose a personal essay without assistance from others"

    Hey guys, So, I just realized that PTCAS says that you must compose your essay "without personal assistance from others." What does this mean? I can't have somebody review my essay to fix grammatical errors? The word 'Assistance' is so vague. Thank you
  13. G

    Can you submit an application before coursework is verified in PTCAS?

    I sent my transcripts a little later than I should have, with only four weeks before the first application deadline. Does anyone know what happens when you submit an application without all your coursework verified? I only have the last year of coursework that needs to be verified, the rest was...
  14. D

    Des Moines University (DMU)

    Hey everyone! I wanted to reach out to current PT students and alumni who attended DMU. I would like to get your insight on the program. Any feedback helps!
  15. T

    PTCAS Due Date

    How early should you submit your application before the deadline? I know the website gives an estimated time for verification, but I just wanted to make sure that all materials needed to be submitted by the program deadline and not 3-5 weeks before this date. The wording on PTCAS is a little broad.
  16. A

    PTCAS Observation Hours

    Hi guys, I'm working on my PTCAS application right now and I'm not entirely sure how I should categorize my observation hours. I have a total of 38 hours in a rehabilitation facility that can be categorized as a skilled nursing facility and sub-acute rehabilitation, but if I enter 38 hours for...
  17. R

    Physics Course with a C? - please help!

    Hello all. This is my first post on this website and I finally need some real help. My stats for my main prerequisites are: A&P I - B A&P II - A CHE I - B CHE II - A- PHY I - C PHY II - A GEN BIO - N/A STATS - A- ALL PSYCH COURSES - A- I was wondering if having a C in my first Physics...
  18. G

    CC classes during summer (PTCAS question)

    So... in the summer between junior year and senior year of college, i decided to retake chemistry. Under PTCAS transcript entry would I put my academic status as a freshman or senior?
  19. S

    PTCAS Early Decision Timeline

    I applied for early decision and it took about a month to get everything verified. I understand that the deadline for the program to contact me, by law, is September 24, 2018. I was wondering if the programs wait until the deadline (August 15th) to look at the applications and make their...
  20. K

    PTCAS transcript status

    I sent in my transcripts a couple of weeks ago, and the status for both says "arrived." I have submitted my application and paid the fee, but my application status says "received" rather than complete. Should my transcript status be changed to received? How long does it take for PTCAS to review...
  21. K

    PTCAS Application Question

    Hey everybody, hope your application process is going well! I'm a little bit confused on what happens after I submit my application and was wondering if somebody could clear that up for me. So I've submitted my application, all my transcripts have been received, all my observation hours...
  22. K

    csu sacramento, worth applying?

    Hello. I have a C- for one of CSUS prereqs (biomechanics), and it says they require all prereqs to be completed with a 'C' and 3.0 prereq GPA. C- was considered to be a passing grade for upper div in my department, and that semester was a rough due to a bunch of factors. This seems to be the...
  23. P

    How long does PTCAS processing take?

    Hi, for those of you who have already submitted your application (with everything already received - letters of rec, observation hours, etc), how long did it take PTCAS to process your application? I know the website says it can take up to 4 - 5 weeks at the heaviest peak, but realistically...
  24. P

    Repeated Coursework - How to Indicate?

    I am going through the PTCAS application and am at the "review and finalize" portion of transcript entry. I come across this statement, "Note: courses should be marked repeated only if repeated at the same institution. If you took a course at one institution and later repeated it at another...
  25. S

    Resume/CV question about experience/volunteer

    For some schools on PTCAS or even for supplemental apps, they require a CV or resume. As I'm looking at my resume, I'm unsure of a few things. 1) Does the general 1-page rule apply to this? Like when applying to jobs, I've always been told to try and keep it to 1 page, especially since I'm on...
  26. J

    Personal Essay- Leadership

    I am having a hard time with a supplemental essay that states "Please explain a leadership role you have taken on and what you have learned from this experience. (1000 characters)" I am having a difficult time coming up with a leadership experience. I have been searching around for examples and...
  27. P

    PTCAS - How do you indicate Repeated Classes from different institutions?

    Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to indicate repeated coursework from different institutions? I decided to retake a few of my pre-requisite classes at a community college after graduating from a 4-year university. For example, I took a chemistry course at the university, and decided...
  28. PT_Student_123

    How to Create a Great Personal Statement + 2018-19 PTCAS Essay

    Good Luck on your 2018-2019 applications. This is fantastic resource! Bonus: 2018-19 PTCAS Essay "Describe a meaningful experience in your life. Reflect on how that...
  29. PT_Student_123

    New PTCAS Essay Question for 2018-2019!

    Applicants applying via PTCAS in the upcoming 2018-19 cycle will respond to a new PTCAS essay question, "Describe a meaningful experience in your life. Reflect on how that experience influenced your personal growth, such as your attitudes or perceptions." Responses will be limited to 4500...
  30. A

    PTCAS Course Verification Deadline Question

    Hey! This is my first post so my apologies if anything is wrong. I'm posting because I am very confused about PTCAS's shockingly long 4-6 week processing time. I submitted my application yesterday, and have a deadline on December 1. Everything has been in for a while, but my courses aren't...
  31. J

    Disqualified from UNF without consideration

    I submitted my PTCAS application a day ago, I applied to only FL schools. I already received a response from UNF saying I was disqualified due to my GRE analytical score being 0.5 less than their min. I'm beginning to feel very nervous because even though I realized my analytical score was on...
  32. D

    Am I dreaming? Gannon University DPT 2017-2018

    I sent in my PTCAS application mid-September but did not have all my letters of recommendation in until October 2nd. I just received a letter from Gannon University-Erie campus that I have been accepted and to place my deposit by November 1st. I have not had an interview with them, their...
  33. D

    Transcript Entry

    Has anyone ever taken a Freshman Seminar or a 1 credit university course? What did you put as the the subject on PTCAS?
  34. Z

    Retook Bio but don't know how to enter it into PTCAS

    Hello! I went to a quarter system undergraduate school and my general biology courses were split into 3 courses. I unfortunately did not do that well in them and received C's. I retook biology at a community college but it was one general biology course with a lab and ended up with an A. The...
  35. J

    Listing Deans List on PTCAS

    Hi everyone, I want to double check with any one who is familiar. PTCAS instructions says that if you were on the Deans List for multiple terms to only list the distinction once. Is this true if you received the Deans List at two different schools? I opted to include the institution I was on...
  36. D

    All PTCAS GPAs, GREs, and Prerequisites in one spreadsheet

    Hopefully this helps people. Accurate with information from the first week of September 2017. If new information is not available, it remains from the prior update in April 2017.
  37. Z

    PTCAS Acute Hospital Volunteer Hours

    So I'm in the middle of trying to add my hospital volunteering hours to the PTCAS observation hours page but I only have a signed copy from my volunteer coordinator and not a physical therapist. My volunteer coordinator was in charge of my hours and since there were so many therapists I did not...
  38. S

    How to include Pilates teacher trainings in PTCAS

    I am a Pilates teacher and I have my initial 500 hour training and two different continuing ed workshops (Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, and Pilates for Osteoporosis). I have included my teaching experience in my essay and in my work history, but I'd like to also include these trainings...
  39. W

    PTCAS Extracurriculars - Club Member "status"

    I am in the process of adding my club memberships into the Extracurriculars section of PTCAS. As an example, I am currently adding my experience as a member of the Pre-PT club. I entered the start and end dates for the experience, but it is also asking me for "status," and the choices are...
  40. B

    PTCAS essay

    I'm seriously struggling writing my essay for the prompt this year just because I know how important this essay is!! I've been super passionate about going to PT school since I was in high school, but I almost don't know what to write since I have so much to say. I know I'm running late but I...