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Feb 3, 2017
Pre-Physical Therapy

I am having trouble answering this question: Does your academic record accurately reflect your capabilities?

Say, for example, I was not doing too great in the beginning of my undergrad, do I need to explain what I did not do too great?

Also, I did really well in my past 60-90 units so should I put yes or no for the question above?

Smash Atoms

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Mar 23, 2017
Physical Therapy Student
I selected "no" and explained why.

I dropped out of high school and entered community college with GED. Of course, I totally bombed my first 3 semesters and pretty much got kicked out of school.

When I came back to college a decade later, my GPA reflects all A's. If you think you are capable of a 4.0 but your record does not reflect it, I would err on the side of offering explanation. If it comes down to you and one other person for a spot and you offer insight to your GPA it could maybe be the difference between you and them.

Good luck!
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