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PTCAS Experiences


Full Member
Oct 24, 2019
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
Hi there!

Over quarantine, I created a group bringing women in my community together during quarantine by following the same youtube yoga video at the same time through Zoom to bring people together through exercise and bring a sense of normalcy to my life and the lives of those around me. I want to add this to my extracurriculars in the experiences section in PTCAS, although I am not sure what to put as the Organization title if it's something that I started?

Secondly, I'm doing a yoga teacher training in the Fall and won't finish until the end of the Spring semester. How can I add this to my PTCAS application, since I won't have my certification completed until May. Could I add it as an extracurricular?

Thank you!


Full Member
Aug 23, 2019
you could always make up an organization name!

for the second questions, I think there is a way to add a future date in the certifications section. If not, I dont think extracurricular section allows you to add future dates because I tried adding a hospital volunteering experience that went from september 2019-december 2019 and i had to wait until september 1st to add it so i could choose a date. If wouldn't let me add it any earlier. If you are not going to have you're certification until May, it's probably not going to help adding it in the certification section because it so far out but you could wait until September like I did and just add that to the EC.
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