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Feb 19, 2017
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Hello everyone.

I posted a couple of months ago about taking my GRE in July. Due to some issues that came up with internships and classes, I ended up taking it on August 19. Due to the way my clinicals started I had about a week to really study. I did not do as well as I'd hoped (297). I am applying to five schools and have everything completed on my PTCAS except GRE scores. Now I have time to retake it and still apply to three of the schools, but two of them have deadlines of October 2, so I know I need to be submitting my application soon. So I have a few questions.

1)Should into ahead and submit to the two schools with the scores I have? I have a very high GPA and prerequisite GPA and observations in many setting so I don't know how it'll play out.

2) If I submit now to those two, do I need to do anything special on PTCAS to submit to the other three?

3) The earliest I could take the GRE again in my area is septmeber the 14, meaning my scores wouldn't come until the following week (23ish-29ish) giving me days to get the scores to the schools. So can I submit the PTCAS without my current scores and then put them in once I get the next set?

4) Any other advice at all? I don't have much time to study but I know I'll do better. I'm good at math but timed math always kills me and it did here too.

Thanks in advance!
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