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Discussion in 'DAT Discussions' started by SugarNaCl, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. SugarNaCl

    SugarNaCl Dental Student
    Moderator Emeritus 5+ Year Member

    Apr 28, 2006
    Likes Received:
    What should I do to boost my QR score. I have taken the exam 2x , i have reviewed with kaplan, topscore and barons...and I can't raise that QR... I run out of time...severely! Also, I make MANY stupid mistakes when taking the practice exams. My real DAT scores are like this:

    Bio 20
    Chem 19
    OChem 17
    RC 21
    PAT 18
    QR 15!!!

    I'm retaking it in a month or so... around sept 1. What can I do? Just do the problems you commonly see over and over until i can do them really quick? Thanks
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  3. DMD to Be

    DMD to Be not luffin' this weather.
    5+ Year Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    Likes Received:

    From my past month or so of studying, I have learned that there are really one 4 or 5 actual types of problems in the QR. Just learn how to do these different types and do practice test after practice test. If you haven't all ready, check out the "permanent links to quizzes, etc." thread - I think it's on page two. It has some really good QR practice.

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