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    I have interviews scheduled at KCOM and UHS next month that are only six days apart. I will be in my last semester of school and really hate to miss that much school at one time but I am very interested in both of these schools. Should I (1)stay in MO between
    the two interviews to cut down on travel costs(big issue for me because two flights to MO would put a serious dent in my wallet)and worry about grades and graduation later. (2)reduce my course load, through in some easy courses that would not hurt to miss(this would prevent me from taking at least 2 courses that I have been really looking forward to). (3)shut the hell up and prepare for my interviews.

    I know that many of you have had to deal with this and just wondering if missing class for long periods of time effected your grades and or your budget.
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    Rolltide - did you try to change either of the two interview dates? Some schools are very helpful and understanding when you mention the financial aspect of it. Otherwise, it's a tough decision. But, you also have to compare the hotel and car rental. You might actually come out ahead by buying two tickets and saving the hotel/car money. Have you looked at tickets to KC? They were very reasonable for me. Check Delta and Southwest.

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