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Feb 13, 2004
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I am not if I should attend a college that is on the semester system or quarter system, for my science pre-reqs.
My goal is to take the April MCAT and raise my cum. gpa. If I go to a school on the quarter system (fall, winter , spring) I will
have a schedule like this and each class is 4 quarter hours. : (I'm taking general chemistry over the summer)

Fall: Biology 101, Physics 101, Organic Chem 101.
Winter: Bio 102, physics 102, Organic chem 102
Spring: Bio 103, phys 103, organic chem 103-(Spring quarter ends first week of June. Should I still take the MCAT in April with 2 months of class left?)
If I do this, I was thinking 2 months wouldn't be that bad if I study on my own the things not covered in class.

If I go to a school on the semester system, each class is 3 semester hours and my schedule will be like this:

Fall: Physics 101, Bio 101, Organic Chem 101

Spring: Physics 102, Bio 102, Organic Chem 102- (Spring semester ends in mid May-I want to take the April MCAT, so I'd have 1 month of classes left before it.)

I thought a quarter system was better since each class is worth 4 quarter hours instead of 3, and it might help my gpa more than the 3 semester hours if I do well...any thoughts?
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