Dec 7, 2014

I am in my training for general cardiology in USA, and I will graduate in 6/2016, and due to visa restrictions, I can not go straight to interventional fellowship after I graduate,

I have an opportunity for an interventional fellowship in good place in Canada, my questions are;

1- am I eligible to work in USA as an interventionalist after I graduate from Canadian IC program? I know that I would not be board eligible, but just asking about the work eligibility.

2-If I worked as a non invasive for a couple of years until I get my GC, what are my chances to go to IC after that? would appreciate if you could share your thoughts.


I'm not an expert, but I think the answers to your questions are on the ACGME's website.
There is a certain classification of training sites in Canada that will be considered equivalent to the ACGME.

However, I think you have to apply for special consideration to be ABIM board eligible, so you could possibly get it from Canada.

Let us know about any clarifications to this once you find out the details.