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    I'm 4th year student in the U.S and since my family is here, I plan to apply to residency programs here. I'm not sure exactly how the match process works here. I also plan to take the MCCEE.

    1) when exactly is match day? is it similar to the US ... March 17( I think)
    2) Since I plan to apply to residency programs both in US and Canada, is it possible to match to more than one program that is 1 in the US and then in Canada, or are you automatically taken out once you match in either country?
    3) The plan is to apply Family /Internal Medicine. When would interviews typically be? I am thinking of doing an international rotation in January 2012, but I don't want it to affect my interview schedule.
    4)I just took the STEP 2( 2 days ago), I've read that it is similar to the MCCEE , is it advisable to just go ahead and take it right now, without studying anything else ? I just want to get it over with since the info is fresh in my mind now.

    I am sure I will have more questions about the CaRMS process, but I would really appreciate any help I can get.
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    CaRMS match runs first. If you are involved in both matches, and you match in Canada, you are automatically withdrawn from the US match. If you don't match in Canada, you go on to participate in the US match.

    It sounds like you're a Canadian citizen / PR at a US med school; therefore, you are a CMG and your national interview period is between January 21 and February 12. (If you were a Canadian citizen / PR at a non-US school, you would be an IMG. There is no specific interview period for IMGs in the CaRMS match e.g. interviews can happen whenever.)

    Sorry, I haven't done either Step 2 or MCCEE. Don't know. Maybe someone else has an idea.

    You're welcome! Good luck!
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