Sep 4, 2006
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Hey everybody,

I have a question about what classes will count for my overall GPA, as well as advice for next year. However, before I ask that I have to tell you a little about my story. After my first freshman quarter of college, I had realized I made a mistake in where I was going to school. I absolutely hated the class sizes and knew I had to leave. The school I wanted to go to was not accepting applications for the spring semester, so I decided to transfer to a CC. After my semester at a CC, I took a summer chemistry class at a different 4 year. I then transferred to my dream school and now I am currently finishing a full year from there. So without further ado, here are my stats.

1st 4 Year
- Gen Chem Quarter 1 C+ (3 quarter units)
- Gen Chem Lab Quarter 1 C+ (3 quarter units)
- Calculus Quarter 1 A (4 quarter units)

CC Semester
- Gen Chem Sem 1 B (5 units)
-Physics Sem 1 C (4 units)

Summer 4 Year
-Gen Chem Sem 2 A- (5 units)

2nd 4 Year
-Ochem Sem 1 B (4 units)
-Ochem Sem 2 A- (4 units)
-Gen Bio Sem 1 B+ (4 units)
-Physics Sem 2 A (4 units)
-Upper Division Bio A- (4 units)
-Upper Division Bio B (3 units)

Plan for Next Year
-1 upper division chem (3 units)
-3 upper division bio (10 units total)
-calculus 1 (4 units)
-calc based stats (2 units)
-soc (3 units)
-smattering of G.E (6 units)

I have heard that most colleges look down upon CC credit. Should I be retaking my 1st semester of physics next year or in the summer? Should I also not report my 1st college grades because I will just be retaking them anyways? I will be entering my junior year next semester. Thank you for the help.
Most med schools don't look down on CC coursework. The issue with CC classes is that they may not present as much rigor as is necessary to excel on the MCAT.

For all med schools, you are obliged to submit a transcript from all colleges where coursework was attempted. AMCAS (MD) will count all repeats just as if they were new classes. If you apply to DO med schools, they only include the most recent attempt when calculating your application GPA.
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