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Jul 7, 2009
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So I was fortunate enough to get accepted into two programs and I feel very blessed and am super excited! BUT, I am trying to get into the same school with my boyfriend of 3 years who is applying to medical school. He hasn't heard back from schools yet and I was wondering if anyone could lead me to a reliable source as to whether or not I can accept at both places (I know it will be an extra 500 dollars) to buy us more time?...

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
In short, yes, you can put down a deposit for two acceptances. However, schools (and the majority of students on SDN) look down on it because you're holding a seat that could be given to someone else.

The only reason that I could see for you to hold two spots is if one school is the one your boyfriend is trying to get in to, and the other school is the one you'd prefer to attend if your boyfriend doesn't get in. Is that what's going on?

You can hold two seats until early May, I believe, when schools will release the names of all students holding seats in their program. At that point, if schools see that you're holding multiple seats, they may pull their offer to give it to someone else.
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