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Jun 24, 2002
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In the reccomendation section it states:

Please provide the names and appropriate information for the four persons who will be providing recommendations for you.

Does this mean the people who make up our pre-med committee or can we send them up to four outside recs from other people?

Also, does anyone know how stringent the two science letter are? I have only one science letter from a prof at my school and one from my PI who works elsewhere. Hope this is ok.


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Mar 22, 2002
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don't really know the specifics about duke, but usually they want you to list the individual recommenders if you aren't turning in a committee letter -- not the people on your premed committee. if you have a committee letter usually you just list that you have a committee letter and that's it.

you should really get more science recs. most schools require 2 and i think some might require 3. the p.i. will probably not count as a science letter at some schools unless you actually had that person for a class.
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