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Nov 20, 2008
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ICO requires one LOR from a Professor, I have already sent one but I have two additional ones and I'm not sure if I should send them anyway. The admission counselor told me I wouldn't necessarily benefit from sending extra letters. Has anyone sent multiple letter's to ICO?
Thank you


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Aug 6, 2008
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i didn't apply to ICO (but i may). my advice is to only send in one or two if you think they will benefit you. if you know one of the recommendations will make you sound extraordinary and stand out, then why not! some professors write really cliche things so if it's a typical LOR, i may think twice. you want them to have a superb impression of you. why dilute it.


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Sep 24, 2008
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I had a total of 7 that I sent to all the schools I applied.

My supervisor sits on the admissions board for UF college of Med. She thinks the letter is more important than interview, volunteering, and all that crap. A letter is the only way for the admissions board to learn about you as a person.

with that said...

Admissions can EASILY tell if your recommender has a letter saved in a format and just inserts your name into it. They scan through and look for personal info and antidotes that tell about you. So if you are confident you will get a strong letter send in as many as you want. But if your letter is a stretch, you didn't really know them, or something on those lines it really wont help your application that much. My sup says she throws letters that are formatted out of consideration, just some food for thought.
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