Question about secondaries when a school asks what are your plans for the next year, what to include

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Aug 4, 2013
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Depending upon when I get this secondary I may only have a few activities to include based off the timing of it. I'm pretty much just going to include the most recent and current volunteering activities and community service i'm doing up until when I submit the app. Is that fine or would it negatively affect my application? Do they expect you to think into the future and say "I'm doing______ a few months from now" and "______ a year from now? "

i'd just do:
1/14-present: volunteering with DR ___ (GI)
2/14-8/14: doing blah.

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For those questions I just said I'd be finishing up requirements for my masters and talked about two research internships I'd be participating in sueong the coming year. So I think it would be fine for you to say continuing volunteering, etc. I wouldnt necessarily put specific timelinea but I don't think it hurts either way.
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