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Sep 4, 2000
Chicago, IL
We have to submit our vacation time. I only have 3 weeks in this program and I wonder if I should take more time at the begining ..like Sept or wait a bit longer..and how this affects Xmas and New Years..we only get one of them off..and if I take less time at the end of the year, will I be burnt out and regret that I didnt take enough vacation at the end of intern year.



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Nov 13, 2002
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I took, am taking, all mine after Xmas but not during December.

In many programs, you will get a block of days off around New Years/Xmas anyway.

I figured after coming off my fourth year of med school, I could make it half a year without vacation. I was correct and I'm glad I waited. It makes the winter/spring go much faster.
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