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Dec 4, 2001
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I am now trying to complete course work section on the web..

Two same course codes cannot be put in the same session?

I took 4 economics courses in the one semester...after inputing the data, i just found one course among 4 was recorded...!!!

Can you give me any advice and tips for solving problems?

my college gives 4.5 for A+, 4.0 for A and 3.5 for B+, 3.0 for B and so on...No minus system...

How can I convert this system...to acceptable grade...? I also need help!!!!


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Oct 7, 2001
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I was able to enter multiple course codes which were the same under the same session, but I had to enter a different transcript code for each class. For example, all four of your econ courses can be entered, but their transcript codes must be ECO101, ECO102, ECO212, etc. If you don't enter a transcript code for the first econ class you enter, I don't believe the system will allow you to enter another econ class until a transcript code is entered for the first econ class.

As for your grades, use the AADSAS conversion table located at: https://aadsas.adea.org/html-bin/grading system conversion table.htm.

Because there isn't an equivalent in the AADSAS system for a 3.5 (either 3.3 or a 3.6), I would simply enter all B+ grades as B+ grades, etc. You may not find this satisfactory, in which case I would contact the school registrar for help converting your grades in a suitable manner.
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