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Jul 16, 2007
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When you reapply for dental for the 2nd time you will have to send in DAT score again?
If you are planning to take the DAT again how bad does it look if you do worst than your first time?
And when they send the score they send all dat score that you took not just the recent one?


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Sep 21, 2006
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Yes, you do have to send your DAT scores again. However you can always call the school and see if they kept them on file, but most schools destroy unaccepted files at the end of each cycle. Sorry.

You should in general show improvement on your DAT. A slip in one area from a 22 to a 21 wouldn't be terrible, but an over all decline from 20s to 15s in all subjects would be frowned upon.

I believe they send all DAT scores, not just your current ones. Some schools take the best you received in each subject or average them and some schools just take your most recent score. Contact your schools to see what they use.
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