Sep 20, 2020
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Hi, would appreciate any feedback and suggestions! I unfortunately used all of my AAMC FL's and materials back in December 2020 b/c I thought I was taking my mcat in January. So, I'm relying on NS FL's to help gauge my score now. I know that third party exams tend to be inaccurate, but I think this would be my next best option. The most recent 5 FL's I've taken were from NS and I scored:

NS FL 1 (12/1/20) : 509 (128/125/127/129)

NS FL 2 (12/29/20) : 509 (127/126/127/129)

NS FL 3 (1/5/21) : 510 (127/126/127/130)

NS FL 4 (2/2/21) : 507 (126/125/128/128)

NS FL 5 (2/9/21) : 508 (127/125/127/129)

My target score is a 510 at least, and from what I read on SDN the later FL's from NS tend to be more challenging than the first few. With all that in mind, does it look like I have a good chance of scoring at least a 510? I signed up to take my MCAT on April 23rd!


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Apr 25, 2019
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You certainly have a pretty good cluster near your goal score. Of course, it would be better to have that same cluster with 5 AAMC exams, but I would feel cautiously optimistic about your chances of getting the 508-511 range.

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