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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by nick03, Jan 8, 2001.

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    Would like to know your rotation experiences at hospitals in Michigan area (especially, Henry Fords, Pontiac Mich - POC, Genesys, and Botsford). I am considering doing my rotation at one of these hospitals. How much hand on you actually get to do as a 3rd year? Which fields are strong or weak at that particulary hospital? Overall, what you like or dislike about it. Any feedbacks would be really appreciated. Thank you for you time.
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    I'm a 3rd year at Wayne State.

    I haven't rotated thru HF, but my best friend is there now & she LOVES it. Great teaching/hours/ancillary staff.

    North Oakland is rumored to be an easier place to do IM, OB, or Surgery.

    DMC - you'll work your butt off. You may even learn something. You will learn to love scut.
    Hope this helps.
  3. I did 4 months at Henry Ford and one month at Bicounty. Now, I'm at St. Johns. Next month I'll be at Botsford. Henry Ford has excellent internal medicine teaching. You do as much as you can handle. The residents are very receptive to allowing you do procedures. The only rotation that I didn't enjoy there was surgery. I learned why they call med students scut monkeys that month. The surgical residents are brutally mean and degrading to students. Perhaps, it's like that wherever you go, though. If you are a D.O. student, you need to go through either Bicounty Hospital or Riverside Hospital to schedule your rotations at HFH.

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