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  1. vimentin is a marker of what? it says mesenchymal, but the answer choices were adenocarinoma, fibro something, prostate, melanoma, and something else...does anyoene know
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    I agree, use the web. A quick search on Yahoo! using the keyword "vimentin" reveals this as the first hit:

    "Vimentin is of limited value as a diagnostic tool; however, when used in combination with other antibodies (in panels) it is useful for the subclassification of a given tumor. Expression of vimentin, when used in conjunction with keratin, is helpful when distinguishing melanomas from undifferentiated carcinomas and large cell lymphomas."

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    no I disagree with using the web, when I did a search on it, I got all kinds of responses..

    the best marker for melanoma is S-100, and the question had Vimentin alone not with I don't think melanoma was the answer....although now that I think of it...lymphoma might have been one of the options...

    hmmm....vimentin wasn't in BRS...but a couple of sources mentioned it is a marker for mesenchmyal origin...

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