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Sep 23, 2002
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I got an interview at USUHS. I was originally scheduled for an interview Oct. 3 (but I deleted the invite........see other thread). I rescheduled for Nov. 14 cause it coincides with my other interview in NY. I was wondering, since I read the other post about early interviews being better, should I just schedule an earlier interview and just make two trips to the east coast twice. I talked to the lady from USUHS and initially she said it was a bad idea but then she said that she didnt want me to make two trips. I really want to get into a medical school and if going a month earlier helps alot, I'd rather do that. Tell me your thoughts. Thanks.


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Sep 18, 2002
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Interviewing earlier is much better, especially at schools with early admissions. Some of the schools who begin notifying Oct. 15th may only have a few spots open as early as Novemeber. In fact I heard it can be as bad as you are interviewing for a waitlist spot. (of course many offered spots in october will be offered acceptances at more than one school, so spots will open up) If you are into the school, move it up, getting in is more important. 5 years from now the extra money for the extra trip won't matter.
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