Nov 7, 2010
Hey all -

Just wondering about everybody's experience with the application timeline.

I'm planning on finishing all my apps this month for next year's Summer term at Columbia, Bryn Mawr, Goucher, and Hunter (maybe more...).

Is the end of November too late? I know most of the schools suggest applying early, but I'm wondering if anyone can expound upon "early" - is it already too late? Or is now a good time?

Any info is greatly appreciated!!


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Oct 23, 2008
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I can only speak for Columbia. While early is always nice, it's certainly not an an absolute necessity there. A completed application in November will be fine since you state that you want to start in the summer If you really meant spring then you should still be fine at Columbia. FYI, you won't be able to get started on your pre-med courses in the summer at Columbia because the only post-bacc offerings will be chem II and physics II unless you have the first parts of those courses completed already. However, if you wanted to take the remedial courses before officially diving into coursework those will be offered in the summer. (I personally wouldn't bother though).


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Nov 19, 2008
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For Goucher, the end of November isn't TOO late -- last year we had someone interview on our last day of class in May -- but each year is different, and it really depends on how many quality applications they're getting. Also, since exams are usually the second week in December and Goucher has most of January off, a late November app means you probably won't be able to interview until February.