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Oct 24, 2017
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I was wondering what are some of the key questions that pretty much always tend to show up on the OAT?
I know there's a list of topics but I'm convinced there's core questions that are pretty much always asked, tbh.

From what I've gathered in the posts and after taking the ADA sample test it seems that there's some trends of what shows up.
Here's what I've gathered so far:

Biology - basically all over the place but definitely your core genetics, some random taxonomy, some environmental bio, cell cycles, endocrine, plants?, brain, and embryology

Chem - definitely questions on periodic trends and finding mass. Some on density, entropy, phase changes, oxidations/reductions, lewis structures maybe and a couple others I can't think of that definitely show up

Orgo - 1 or 2 nomenclature questions seems to be a trend. Ranking boiling points and acids. Not sure what else would definitely show up tbh

Physics - definitely kinematics, force, might have a couple density related questions, mirrors word questions, electric circuit question. Not sure what else

Quantitative Reasoning - new comparison questions, word problems dealing with travel time, a couple solving for x, maybe 1 or 2 probability, percents

Reading Comprehension - usually 1 harder passage and 2 easier ones to get through

I had also read somewhere that all questions are worth the same amount of points on each section, regardless of what it asks. Anyone know how true that is?

Please post below if you can come up with any questions to definitely practice on. I'll update this after I take my test!
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