oat experience

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  1. K

    OAT Experience: August 2020

    Hi! I utilized SDN / Reddit A LOT when studying for my OAT and locating potential resources, so I thought I would do the same! Plus, I kinda want to get out of Biochem studying for now. Alright, so I took the OAT back in August. A little bit about me: 3.86 GPA / 3.75 Science Optometric...
  2. D

    Most commonly tested topics?

  3. R

    December OAT experience (retake!) (280/290 -> 320/330)!!

    -LONG POST- scroll down to see my new scores and recommended study method/guide/my personal tips!!! soooo i retook my OAT today and felt that I needed to share my experience! i couldn't find anyone on here who may have been in a similar situation as mine so here is my post to be that person...
  4. A

    OAT Exam Experience & Tips

    Hi All, I took my oat exam today and did well! - I read some posts before my exam that were helpful so I decided to write one too. I would like to share some helpful tips that I discovered along the way and some advice based on my personal experience. It might work for you and it might not...
  5. P

    Full Length OAT

    how many full length practice oat exams should you take before the actual?
  6. K

    My OAT

    Hey guys, I took the OAT at the end of the summer, and I had kind of an odd experience with my test so I figured I'd tell about it in case it gives hope to anybody else! My stats: TS: 400 AA: 390 Bio, Gen Chem, OChem, RC: 400 QR: 390 Physics: 360 GPA: 3.91 I did well and I am happy with my...
  7. T

    There's a LOT of computing to do with Gen Chem and Physics (so how do we not use a calculator?)

    Hi Guys! I am taking the OAT on October 15th and am looking through Kaplan/Chad's videos but so many questions on the OAT chapters as well as in his videos actually DO require using a calculator...I am worried how we are not supposed to use one during the actual exam on anywhere other than on...
  8. R

    Results of Kaplan & Free ADA exam

    I'm taking my OAT on September 17th, 2018 (Monday). I've studied for about a month and I'm not too sure what to make of my scores. Kap 1/ ADA/ Kap 2 Bio: 300/ 310/ 290 Chem:250/ 350/ 260 Orgo: 230/ 330/ 290 RC: 310/ 310/ 350 Phys: 240/ 270/ 240 QR: 260/ 320/ 290...
  9. In Easy We Trust

    OAT experience Aug 2018

    Hello all, At first I wasn't going to post a "Complete OAT experience" but I figured I would since the ones I read helped me a lot. There are so many great ones so I will try to make this one as brief, yet useful, as possible. (Nonetheless don't judge my scores, I spent a total of $50 to study...
  10. R

    OAT Experience 8/17/2018

    I promised myself if I got a good score on the test that I'd post one of these since they helped me so much. I'm pretty happy with my score so here it is. My Scores (Achiever/OAT): Biology: 340/400 Gen Chem: 370/400 O Chem: 370/350 Reading: 300/340 Physics: 300/390 QR: 320/400 TS: 360/400 AA...
  11. S

    OAT Gen Chem help

    I'm studying for the OAT and have just finished the Gen Chem section from the kaplan book with using youtube videos for sections. When I try doing questions from the destroyer I feel like I have no idea what's going on or how to go about it. Is there any advice on how to study for the gen chem...
  12. L

    Questions that definitely show up on OAT?

    I was wondering what are some of the key questions that pretty much always tend to show up on the OAT? I know there's a list of topics but I'm convinced there's core questions that are pretty much always asked, tbh. From what I've gathered in the posts and after taking the ADA sample test it...
  13. M

    When is too late to apply to optometry school

    I could use as much help as I can get, thanks everyone!! So, I'm currently in my last year in my undergrad in Ontario,Canada and my GPA isn't the absolute best.. but could be worse. I am planning on applying to Optometry school this year for the September 2018 year, and I know the registration...
  14. W

    OAT practice test scores - explain

    I am 2 weeks away from taking my OAT. I have been using chad's videos and OAT destroyer. I took a practice OAT test using TOP SCORE to see where I stand. my results: BIO 260/ OCHEM 350/ GCHEM 320/ RC 320/ PHY 250 / QR 300 I did poorly in the bio and physics section. I am trying to understand...
  15. O

    OAT PHYSICS equations

    Hey guys! Taking my OAT for the first time in September... SO nervous. Currently enrolled in a Kaplan online course, and have been using Chads vids as supplementary material. I haven't really been able to get a good gauge on what/which equations for physics are the ones I need to be focussing on...
  16. J

    My OAT/Kaplan Experience and Scores

    I saw some similar threads posting about their experience with Kaplan as well as the difficulty comparison between the Kaplan practice tests and the real OAT. I took my OAT today and I was very happy with my scores. I thought that the live online Kaplan course adequately prepared me for the...