Feb 1, 2011
Medical Student
This year's residency interview season is around the corner. Here is a question for Ob-Gyn residents and/or faculty:

Was there anything that you didn't ask or know about, while applying, that has come back to haunt you? What are some questions, if any, that you wish you had asked while trying to evaluate all the different programs you visited?

Thank you for replying!

Diane L. Evans

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Nov 16, 1998
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Fantastic question

Yes definately ask how much GYN surgery the residency offers
especially vaginal hysterectomies (good number is 40+)
also ask if urogyncological procedures are taught (TVT,TVOT as well as prolapse repair including sacrocolopexy and vaginal mesh)

Ask if access to Davinci robot

Ask how they are making sure residents have adequate numbers with the new hours requirements

Ask if they have a night float ( I would not go to a program unless there is one especially if you have family) This offers some life as you will have weekends off except while on night float

Hope this helps

Diane L. Evans D.O., M.S.
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Oct 4, 2011
Resident [Any Field]
There are several that come to my mind:
1. Are there any residents on probation? How did they attain this status? What are the implications for the resident?
2. Have any residents left the program recently? Do you know of anyone who is planning to leave? ASK THIS
3. Are any of the faculty members planning to leave the group?
4. If there is a part of the residency that particularly interests you, ask "what is the longevity of this particular aspect of the program"
5. How does your program compare with the national average in terms of Creog scores? Case numbers?
6. Ask the residents how the program responds to their concerns. This tells you whether or not you will have a voice.

Once you get beyond the interview stage and you are really trying to get a better sense of programs, revisit, revisit, revisit. I wish I had.


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Mar 30, 2006
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Also ask the same questions to more than one person. You will hear different opinions on the same subject and if there is some unsavory information being swept under the rug someone might spill the beans...
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