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Sep 21, 2015
At the beginning of your shift, you check on the patients that you will be responsible for during the day and you notice that whilst there are supposed to be six cats in the cat ward, there are only five present and procedures are yet to start. Also, one of the five is sneezing and has a horrid nasal discharge, and according to the cat’s cage card, his reason for admission is listed as castration (desexing). What should you do? In your answer you must discuss:-
a.What you are going to do to correctly identify which patient is missing and it’s location.
b.Who would you report the cat with the nasal discharge to?

You are returning a medium sized dog to its run, where it then displays some fearful behaviour and turns to snap at you as you approach the run. Discuss how to safely return the dog to its run. In your answer, also include:-
a.What you are going to do to warn other staff about its behaviour
b.Where you would record this behaviour.
c.OHS considerations for handling the patient.
d.What equipment is necessary and how to use it.
e.How to safely get the dog into the run, the lead off and the door closed behind you.



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Oct 20, 2013
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