2+ Year Member
May 26, 2018
1. I have a sub 3.0 gpa and in my junior year(major in biomedical engineering), should i take a masters program?
2. if i do decide to do a masters, I still have not completed my dental pre reqs but is that okay if i finish them before matriculation if i get in somewhere?

Pearl E. White

5+ Year Member
May 20, 2014
Bradenton, FL
Dental Student
Hello there! I encourage you to search through the forums as many people are in your shoes (and have been in the past). When applying to dental school, the applicant's package as a whole is reviewed including DAT scores, volunteer work, research, etc. A master's program seems like a good option in your particular case to help convey your ability to handle the difficulty of classes that will be required in dental school. As far as pre-reqs go, yes, as long as you complete them satisfactorily before matriculation you will be fine. Keep in mind some pre-reqs are essential to be completed before taking the DAT.
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