Aug 2, 2009
Ok so I need a little help in getting some things cleared up

1. Is UTSA a ok school? I realize that utsa is no Ivy and not even a top 100 school. My main concern is wether I would be looked down upon when applying to med school even with superb stats and Ecs.

2. Does anyone here have experience with an hr managment major? It's something id love to major but I cant seem to find any info and what the classes are generally like? is this major easy? Not that I intend on slacking but as I will probably spend a lot of time on my pre med reqs I think a major that isnt too challenging might be best.

3. Did anyone here go to utsa? how is it there? Do I have a chance getting in if my gpa is 2.5 and I have 5 AP classes on my transcript. SATs are 620 CR 570 M and 680 writing

thanks in advance :)


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Jul 24, 2009
UTSA is fine.

I don't think HR management is a real major, especially not for ugrad. Business admin, maybe.

Also, don't take a cake major if it's not something you love anyway. Push yourself.


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Apr 9, 2008
The University of Texas at San Antonio, I assume? Well, here's a website about the major you want to pursue...

Anyway, I'm not going to the school myself (I might transfer there in a couple of years), but I visited the campus frequently when I was in YOSA. It's kind of an up and coming school, so to speak... There's a lot of construction going on (like all of San Antonio), and the football team should be going in 2011 or so (which is supposedly the reason why tuition is going up). A LOT of students end up transferring to UT-Austin because of the CAP program.

You can definitely get in to UTSA. It doesn't have the best reputation, but you can still get into med/pharm/dent whatever school of your choosing as long as you do well.
Aug 15, 2009
As long as you complete your pre-reqs, your major doesn't make too big of a difference. No medical school wants an incoming class full of Biochemistry majors :) . As far as medical schools go, state medical schools (UT Houston etc) will generally have preference to in-state undergrads because that is where they receive their funding. The greatest variable in getting into medical school is not your undergraduate school, but how YOU performed as an undergraduate.