Jul 25, 2016
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Hi everyone! I have a few quick OTCAS questions.

1. I volunteered at two different therapy camps and I'm not sure what part of the Experiences section I should list them under. They involved working directly with OT/PT/ST and were definitely more than just shadowing so I didn't want to list them there. I'm alternating between the Volunteer section and the Internships and Clinical Experiences section. The volunteer section says non heathcare related though and since the camps were therapeutic (and not just summer camps in general) with goals for each camper and led by therapists, I feel that it wouldn't fit the requirements of the volunteer section. Any advice?

2. When listing AP courses, do I list the test name or the course that the class transferred in as for my school? For example, I took AP US History, which gave me credit for US History to 1877. Which of those should I list it under?

Thank you! I have everything else filled out so as soon as I get these questions answered my applications are going to be SUBMITTED!