quick question: is ucla grading for credit or letter?

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Oct 11, 2001
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among the uc's...i think ucsf, ucsd, and uci have pass/fail grading. what about ucla?


actually your very mistaken:

I am 100% sure that UCI is Honors/Pass/Fail

UCLA is Pass/Fail only

UCSF CLAIMS TO BE PASS/NO PASS...in fact, the general classes are pass/no pass. However, I asked the student guide tours as well as other people there, and they told me while the general class is graded pass/no pass, the school keeps track of the 10% of the student body, and there is a notation on their transcripts or something...I was always lead to believe that it was Pass/No Pass, which it is on the surface

UCSD I've heard so many conflicting things...I don't know what to believe anymore...couple of people said that the first semester/blocks is (are) only pass/no pass and the rest turns into honors/pass/fail....some people said the first two years are pass/no pass and 3rd and 4th are all honors/pass/fail...

so I dont know about that school, but UCLA and Irvine I am 100% sure :D