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Apr 19, 2004
Umm, quick question.

You start in an American University as a normal student, as a freshman, not as a transfer student. You take a sequence of organic chemistry in another country. You take your transcript to your home insitution and they give you the credit and everything is perfect.

Now when it comes to the AMCAS application, do they want that old transcript that I don't know what happened to 3 years ago? or are they willing to just accept the grades and the credit hours that my university has already given me? considering the fact that my university has already verified that transcript and everything (Ohio State Uni.)....what do you guys think?



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Aug 8, 2003
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I believe you need the official transcripts of every institution that you intended, especially if you want the credit from the courses you took there (although, if you didn't want the credit, you could theoretically omit this transcript. This would however, fall under the category of unethical)...
Gotta start digging out those old contact numbers to get that transcript!


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Feb 29, 2004
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If the credit appears on your regular transcript, you simply indicate on your AMCAS application that you attended a foreign university in the section for schools attended and then submit a "Transcript Exception Request" in the transcript section. This does not apply to American universities abroad, a list of institutions not considered "foreign" can be seen in the instruction book on the 2004 AMCAS site (they have not posted it yet for 2005, but it should remain essentially the same).

My situation is a good example...I have credits from the University of Ghana and the University of Reading (England) and so I listed both institutions as schools attended and submitted two transcript exception requests for those schools (and was granted those exceptions).

There is a caveat however...since your credits were for O. Chem, you need to be sure that they show up listed clearly on the transcript, so that it's not a problem for your pre-med requirements. PM me if you have more questions.
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