Quitting Scribe Job

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Dec 29, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I am currently in the application cycle right now and I have completed 5 MD IIs right now (super grateful for). On my application for my work and activities section I stated I had 800+ scribing hours (currently now at 1000+) and projected out another years worth of scribing hours on my W&A section. However, I want to quit my job now due to having increased responsibilities now at my research lab and a potentially better paying job closer to my home (currently drive 1hr+ to work).

Would it be bad to quit my job now, especially if I had projected my hours. I actually plan to have a position for clinical volunteering close by as well which has less of time constraint + less traffic and I will be able to work another job which has better pay.

I wanted to know anyone else's opinion and what they think about this decision.

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