Quitting two year long MPH program after the first yr, is this a big negative???

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Mar 6, 2010
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I am an international student who currently does not have the permanent residency. My undergrad peers belong to the class of 2010, and most with similar "numbers" as mine are now in med school and their life is replete with making achievements and advancements.

There is a chance that I will be receiving green card this upcoming Spring or Fall, but this chance is not a guarantee and in the worst case, I would be facing the detrimental consequence of wasting an extra year on top of "forced" 2 years off.

Therefore, I have been looking for something productive I could do during my wasted years. And the most suitable option seems to be MPH epidemiology.

Currently, I am taking this one non-science class for graduation, am restudying for MCAT and am doing both research and volunteering. It was a mistake that I didn't get into MPH this year, but that's because I was really thinking that I will get my green card this upcoming Spring.

I am going to assume that i may be able to get my green card this upcoming Fall (2011) at the latest and will primarily plan my schedule based on this time frame, but I feel that I need MPH as a back up option.

Assuming that I apply this 2011~2012 cycle while I am doing the first year MPH, and I show my intent to adcoms that if get in to med school then I intend to quit doing MPH, how would they view my decision?

Will they understand why I had to make this choice due to the obscure circumstance instead of making a veneer judgment and accusing me as an irresponsible person?


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Mar 7, 2005
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If I saw your application during the first year of a two year MPH program, I'd pass given that it is obvious that you'd need to drop the MPH and most of us try not to poach students in current programs.

Go into an MPH if you wish but apply during your second year of the MPH program.