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Apr 4, 2007
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When answering a question along the lines of 'a difficult challenge that you have dealt with' I was wondering if this would be a sensible thing to put or not:

A couple of years ago my boyfriend had an episode of severe depression that led to him being involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital. Both the acute situation and the months-years afterward were extremely difficult for me (not least because I was constantly worried he was going to hurt himself). It did affect my own mood but mostly by talking with close friends and family I avoided it affecting my work and was able to be there for my boyfriend. He's now vastly better (it occurred to me how much better when a few months ago I realized that I'd let my phone battery go empty for hours and hadn't been panicked that I he wouldn't be able to contact me) and we're getting on with life! It was a pretty awful experience but I certainly learned from it - both about depression and how to keep myself okay in that sort of situation. My question is whether people would think it an odd subject to choose to talk about? Is it better to go for a more 'bland' subject and not risk people being judgmental?

Thanks for any advice!

I like it. It is a bit personal and you will need to be prepared to answer some questions about it. But, it is not bland and reflects upon you in a meaningful way. A bit of a risky answer, but not too much. If you're comfortable with it, I'd go with it.

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i'd say go for it... it obviously was difficult and you were able to successfully deal with it... plus it will make you stand out, which is often a good thing