Quoted: Weak program or do transitional year - surgery

Discussion in 'Confidential Consult' started by Tildy, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Tildy

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    posted for a member

    My inclination would be to go for the categorical spot at what might be a weaker program, but we'll see what others say.
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  3. aProgDirector

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    Oct 11, 2006
    Since your ROL is due friday, I expect you're a DO in the AOA match (where all ROL's are due friday). So, by Transitional Year, you mean a TRI. I clarify this because TY's on the allo side of things are very competitive.

    Unfortunately, I can't really answer your question. In the allo match, doing a prelim surgery year at a really good program sometimes helps weaker candidates obtain a better categorical spot -- but that's only if they do very well in their prelim. Given that TRI's don't have all that much surgery in them (usually), I don't see this really helping you. But honestly, I'm guessing here.

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