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    I'm a fourth year who, until a week ago, had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Then I did a radiology rotation and now I'm pretty sure I want to do radiology. Problem is, I have to do my internship/residency years in the Philadelphia area (my husband lives there and we've been apart these four years of med school) and the closest osteopathic program is in New Jersey and their application deadline has passed. All other programs in this area are allopathic. Does anyone know the answers to the following: 1)Do you have to apply to the residency programs the same time you apply for the internship or can I do an AOA-approved traditional rotating internship and then apply for allopathic radiology?
    2)If a program uses the ERAS service, do you have to contact the individual programs for an application or anything, or do you just fill out the ERAS application only?

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