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Random stuff

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Mystique, Jan 10, 2002.

  1. Mystique

    Mystique The Procrastinator
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    Jul 6, 2001
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    Yeah, so I just got off the phone with a school. I've called this school two times this week to ensure that they received my fall grades and an extra rec that I had sent in. Anyways, I called Monday to see if they had received my grades, and the lady said "they hadn't, but she was sure they'd receive them before my interview." I was a bit baffled b/c I sure haven't received anything about it. Anyways, I figured it was wishful thinking on my part. ;) Anyways, she told me call back Thursday to check on the extra letter of rec. So, I call back today and she tells me they received my grades but haven't received my letter of rec. Why don't I just have the writer fax them the letter, so they'll have it in time for my interview. I'm thinking "what interview?" But, I got distracted by the mailman's arrival and didn't ask her about it. I'm such a dimwit sometimes!! Anyways, I haven't received a friggin invite in the mail or via e-mail. Should I call again, or would that be jumping the gun? The suspense is just killing me!! What do I do???

    Moving on...I go check the mail...and to my delight, I find an interview invite. It's from one of the schools to which I had written a letter (repeal) last December. Anyways, apparently they've changed their mind and are now offering me an interview!! Yeah! I repealed another school while I was at it, but I have yet to hear from them.

    Anyways, if any of you feel like you were "unfairly" rejected, give the repeal a shot. I figured I didn't have anything to lose, so I consulted a professor and wrote the letter. I guess I'll have to wait and see if my letter works its charm at the other school...
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  2. THE instiGATOR

    THE instiGATOR Cow Tipper
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    Sep 27, 2001
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    I thought about appealing my Dartmouth rejection. The physician I shadow interviewed there when he was younger and said it sucks. I don't know if he really thinks it does or if he was trying to make me feel better. Anyway, I wonder if I should give it a try. It's probably too late. I guess I'll suck it up and take it like a man...a SwampMan, that is ;) .

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