RCSI Bahrain (Class of 2021/2022)

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Apr 23, 2016
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Congrats on anyone who has accepted their offer from RCSI-MUB for the 5 year/6 year programme. I am personally estatic to start my medical education journey, and I am hoping you feel the same way.

I was hoping to use this thread as a general discussion thread for any new or existing RCSI-MUB student's, to have general discussions about the school, the program and its cirriculum, the accomodation and even the Bahraini lifestyle.

I am a 23 year old student from Canana and I have finished my undergraduate in Life Science's. I am going to be starting with JC1 and hopefully, through the cycle meet some experienced students who know the in's and out's of the program.

Once again, congratulations, and looking forward to seeing you in Bahrain this fall.

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