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Dec 27, 2017
    Can you elaborate more @Jymp963256 ? Was there something wrong with the school ?
    I have a very busy week, so I can write more over the weekend. But in short, there have been many issues regarding how the students are treated by the administration and a survey was conducted at the end of last year which included all of the current classes of the school and the last 5 years of graduates. The goal was to hear if the current student body's complaint were only occurring now, or if they were more long term and a more likely systemic issue. The outcome of the survey was that the same issues had come up year after year and were never addressed. Things like students not being supported or singled out and targeted by administrators. The most telling piece of the alumni survey was that 85% of current and former students would NOT reommend someone coming to the school. Since that survey was completed a year ago, NOTHING has happened, if that doesn't tell you enough about the character of the school then I don't know what will.
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