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RCSI interview questions


Full Member
Nov 3, 2010
  1. Medical Student
    Hey there everyone, just curious if anyone knew some past rcsi interview questions besides what i have come across ( i have listed them below)???

    Why do you want to become a doctor?
    Why medical school in ireland?
    How do you plan to finance your education?
    Tell me about yourself?
    What other irish medical schools have you have applied to and which one would you attend if not RCSI?
    What kind of doctor would you like to become?
    Which celebrity most influences you?
    What will you do if you are not granted admission to RCSI?

    Thanks everyone
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    Super Member
    Jul 17, 2010
    1. Medical Student
      Heres what I found:

      "So have you heard anything new going on in the medical world recently?".
      "What can you contribute to RCSI"...
      "how many people are in ireland (the population)"
      "Is there was any particular disease you wanted to study"
      "what do you like to do for fun?"
      "what school your studying at/what your studying"
      "where are you from"
      "What qualities make a good doctor?"

      be prepared to talk about anything that you included in your application, find out as much info on RCSI, and what you need to do in order to license back in the US or Canada when you finish. Peter nealson also told me to look up the curriculum for rcsi.
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      Full Member
      Nov 26, 2010
      1. Medical Student
        So, I had my RCSI interview today in Toronto. Let me say first, it is very laid back. They're not sitting there grilling you. It's a conversation to help them get to know you and you should treat it as such.

        From my experience, if you can answer the questions above, you should be fine. Be prepared to answer the finance question.


        New Member
        Mar 26, 2011
          I was also asked:

          How have you prepared yourself for this career?
          At (your age) do you think you are prepared for the medical curriculum?
          At (your age) do you think you are prepared to live alone?
          Do you know why RCSI has a high tuition fee? (to this I answered its a charity, which was partly right, but right answer would be its a non-profit organization or something like that)
          He asked many questions pertaining to my essay and application also. And most of the ones above, including the finances. He asked what qualities make a good doctor, and we talked a bit about that. It was more like a conversation than a formal strict interview.
          The hardest question was the last, which was "What will you bring to RCSI? aka why should we choose you"
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