Re-Applicant question about AACOMAS

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Mar 6, 2003
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So I'm starting my application for 2006 this morning and when I try to login with my username and password from last year's application, it tells me that one or the other or both are incorrect. So when I enter my email address to have them sent to me, it tells me that there is no such email in their database! I tried every email address I have, just in case. I don't want to create a new file for fear that it won't be associated with my old application and schools won't see that I'm a reapplicant. Anyone else have this same problem?

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I don't have much to suggest, except that you try all the email addresses you use, as well as all the possible passwords. I went to their homepage and looked around, but didn't see any links for people who had lost their passwords like most sites have.

Also, this might sound kind of dumb, but make sure your caps lock key isn't on, and be sure to type your information slowly to make sure it is right. The password circles prevent you from seeing what you are typing, so try them at least twice to make sure you aren't typing wrong letters in.